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    Blood of the Earth: Colorado River is a documentary that follows the Colorado River from its source to its delta.  It is the story of a river that serves the most rapidly growing population in the United States yet is so heavily used that it often does not make it to the ocean.

            The film covers the issues of water rights, water diversions, mining, and dams, and their impact on humans and river ecosystems.  It presents the viewpoints of farmers, the river's managers and native people.

Blood of the Earth is a production of the Tibetan Ecology Foundation with the mission of teaching basic environmental principals to Tibetans and others with ties to Tibet. Tibetan ecology is crucial to the well-being of all Asians, since the seven largest river systems on that continent originate in Tibet. The Colorado River can teach many important lessons for the Tibetan people, since it has been, for more than 100 years, the most extensively managed river system in the world.    

Blood of the Earth was filmed in English but is currently being dubbed into the Tibetan language by professionals in Tibet.  The version that is distributed in Tibet will have English and Tibetan language tracks plus English, Tibetan, and Chinese subtitles.


Funding for Blood of the Earth: Colorado River has been provided by
Tibetan Ecology Foundation and Tibet International Council, Inc

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