2016 Tibetan Eco Essay Competition

Excellent Tibetan writers write about Tibet's ecological and environmental issues in their own language. TEF organizes the competition every year and gives prize to the winners. Please visit www.khoryug.org for more details.

Wild Tibet

Many of the Tibetan plateau mammals are on the Chinese national list, levels number 1 and 2, of protected and endangered species: Hanuman langur, snow leopard, Tibetan antelope, and Giant Panda, etc. Therefore, it is essential that these creatures be protected. And TEF believes that education is the foundation for the human specie to learn and be an active part of the ecosystem.

Seven rivers map of Tibetan Plateau

"Himalayan Glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau have been among the most affected by the global warming. The Himalayas contain 100 times as much ice as the Alps and provide more than half of the drinking water for 40% of the world's population-- through seven Asian river systems that all originate on the same plateau. With in the next half-century, that 40% of the world's people may well face a very serious drinking water shortage, unless the world acts boldly and quickly to mitigate global warming." Albert Arnold "Al" Gore, Jr.2007 Noble Peace Prize winner.

Blood of the Earth-Colorado River

The Tibetan Ecology Foundation proposes to produce a documentary movie about the Colorado River from its source to the delta. The movie would be made in both the Tibetan and the Chinese language, for distribution and viewing among the Tibetan and Chinese people, all of whom share a responsibility for the Tibetan Plateau. The Blood of the Earth-Colorado River will discuss river management, utilization, and conservation in the American Southwest. For Tibetans, the story of the Colorado River will help them to prophesize the future story of their own rivers. And with a glimpse into their future, perhaps the people of the Tibetan Plateau will have the tools to fulfill their responsibility to best care for their rivers.

Tibetan Environmental Posters

The posters are free of charge for any body who wants to use for environmental education purpose. You may download the PDF file for larger print. If you have any quesiond please contact us.