Scholarships for University Students in Tibet


The Scholarship Program was established for Tibetan students who want to go to University but have financial problems, although both the student and their parents believe in education. This year a total of six students received a scholarship through the Tibetan Ecology Foundation.  These students are studying a variety of subjects: Tibetan medicine, political science, Tibetan literature, law and economics.  This scholarship covers a three-year period  until their graduation.

Next year, TEF will advertise scholarships for students who would like to major in subjects relevant to the environment - ecology, geology, biology, or hydrology.  This is one way we can promote our cause and plant knowledge in the new generation.


The families of these students are mostly farmers and nomads.  Sending their children to school is their priority but they live on $40-50 per year.  Therefore, to pay $700-1000 per year for tuition is impossible.  Their only cash income comes from selling animals and crops.  Most of these parents have never been to school.  They are illiterate.


Northwest University for Nationalities, Lanzhou.

Gansu Normal University for Nationalities, Gannan.

Qinghai university for nationalities, Xinning.

Gansu Tibetan Medical University, Gannan.