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Why Eco-Tours?

5% for non-profit How to get refund 5%?

Why Eco-Tours?

Tibet Eco-Tours offers a variety of tours. We specialize in organizing tours of Tibet's major rivers: the Yangtze, Yellow, Mekong, Brahmaputra, Salween and Indus rivers. Since 40 percent of the world's population depends on water that originates from Tibetan plateau, we hope to educate the world about these headwaters. Travelers will have opportunities to view some of the rarest mammals on the planet; Wild Yak, Tibetan Antelope and Tibetan Kiang. Also the Tibetan plateau is home to 473 species of birds, such as the black-necked crane, and we offer seasonal birding tours. All tours will encounter the country's unique culture and faith. We will visit Buddhist holy monasteries and experience daily life with the Tibetan people. Tour prices range from $1,400.00 to $6,000.00 per person, depending upon the destination, route, duration, and special services requested.

Join us on an unforgettable journey to Join Tibet Eco ToursTibet. We invite you to explore this land’s exquisite beauty and encounter its people.   Their unique cultural heritage incorporates Buddhist spirituality and emphasizes a deep respect for life.   The Tibetan Plateau is often called the “Roof of the World.”  Averaging 12,000 feet above sea level, it sustains a beautiful, unique, and fragile ecosystem.  Tibet is more than barren tundra, snow and ice.  Changes in elevation and topography create every major biome on earth, with an astonishing variety of plants and animals.  White-crowned Himalayan summits give way to alpine meadows dotted with lakes.   The rushing waters of the world’s highest river, the Yarlong Tsangpo, carve the planet’s deepest gorge, at its base a subtropical jungle.  

Tibet Eco-Tours provides you with the experience of a lifetime AND preserves and protects Tibet’s ecology and culture.  We provide funds for Tibetan ecological education and conservation; supports a school that protects and fosters Tibetan culture and art, suport local Tibetan businesses and communities; and protect the fragile land that you visit.  We promote responsible travel that minimizes impact on Tibet’s pristine environment and improves the well-being of local people.

Customize Tours

Your Tour – As Unique As You Are Tibetan Eco-Tours can customize your tour to suit your individual or group needs. We will work with you to design special research, trekking or pilgrimage tours. We can also tailor to the needs of groups with small children, seniors, or physically-limited members.

Five Percent for Tibet
10PercentYour choice of tour companies makes a difference! 
Five percent of your travel fees are tax deductible and directly supports the work of the Tibetan Ecology Foundation and the Galma Lishow Art School (GLAS) Foundation, both non-profit 501 (c) (3) organizations   The Tibetan Ecology Foundation produces educational media in the Tibetan language about environmental issues.  These materials help Tibetans conserve and protect their fragile high-elevation habitat.   The Gilma Lisho Art School Foundation in Lhoka, Tibet operates a school that protects and promotes Tibet’s rich cultural heritage of traditional fine arts and music.  GLAS is working to become self-sustaining by marketing their crafts locally and abroad, ensuring a better future for the students, their families and communities. 

Support  the Tibetan Economy
We patronize Tibetan-owned tour companies and Tibetan-owned hotels.  When you travel with Tibet Eco-Tours, your guides will be Tibetans, and you will be supporting the economic development and empowerment of local communities; and fostering respect for Tibetan culture.

Become a Witness
Your firsthand experience of the beauty and challenges of life at the top of the world cannot be replicate in books, magazines, or on the web.  We hope to foster bonds of friendship that last a lifetime.  As you share your experiences with those you know, you will be a witness for Tibet, increasing understanding and support of this remote and special land.

Refund 5%

5 Percent refund toursWe offer a refund of 5% of the tour payment to anyone who writes an article relating to Tibet’s ecology. 

We would like to know what you think about Tibet, its culture, people and its natural and built environments.

Why Eco-Tours?

10% for non-profit How to get refund 5%?

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